Jan 11, 2010

Getting started again ...

Part I: Meh

It's odd - I always feel a bit out of sorts, before a new semester begins. This time around, even more so, because I've been sleeping too much. The cats woke me up this morning by nudging a nice ornamental teacup off the top of a cabinet. They are lucky it didn't break! >:(

Part II: Bleh

So I'm trying to cook more, and one recipe called for cream of mushroom soup, to be poured over chicken with white wine in the slow cooker. Why didn't anyone inform me that the product would look like someone sneezed on it? Ugh. I'm doing my best to think of ways I could liven it up, but the texture is too, *too* horrid.

Part III: Feh!

Can't think of anything more to say. :) Perhaps more later!

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