Jan 23, 2008

Who could ask for anything more?

I. I've got rhythm ...

Well, technically I don't have much rhythm - but last night I attended a rehearsal of the department's samba group. I got to play the tambour (a small drum), the bells, and the shakers. Pretty enjoyable! Some of the call-and-response rhythms were especially cool.

II. I've got music ...

And lots of it! The new semester is just revving up - I'll try and write more regularly about what's going on; in sum: techno, Weelkes, Berlioz, Landini, the Clark sisters, and much more!

III. I've got my cats - who could ask for anything more?

I know, I know. I go on about those fleabags quite a bit. Suffice to say: I'm very glad to have them nudging me awake every morning, giving me their best "Feed me ... I'm starving ..." looks. The more so since Athena died over Christmas break.

So. Who could ask for anything more? Well, whoever's reading this probably could - so all I can do is say that I'll try to write more this semester ... :)